A fun little module from Frequency Central, their Volts Plats, a Roland 100M 132 based audio and CV Mixer.
Very quick build, and good result. Use it simply as a mixer, or do some overdriving and other interesting things.
Volts Platz build

Funny...I've been getting a bit more jazzed about Frequency Central's stuff as of late. They make some great Boolean logic modules, some with CV control, and I still think that their Stasis Leak FX module is a real contender versus the FX Aid XL. Lots of abuse potential with their stuff...

I've built a number of their modules, and like them. Good board layout, good power budgeting, and of course interesting sonic qualities. And their route master power supply is beefy enough for a complex rig.

Yep...I remember that a friend of mine had some FC stuff in his small rig, and as far as I know, it's still in there years later. Probably some of the better DIY kits out there...

I've built a couple of Frequency Central kits, I could write better build guides, the one's I've used were vague and outdated and lack proper clarity for simple key bits.
Had my eye on that Stasis Leak though.