Hi users!

Last year I built a 62HP travel case, mostly thanks to your help. My project was to move around Europe with it - and I did mostly! Now that I'm almost broke, I'm planing to live on a pond (yes, ON a pond) where electric consumption will be very limited. And I believe low income + low electricity makes for an interesting challenge!

The idea is to limit myself to the current 62HP case I have and add an ARP 2600 + a DFAM (this one is a maybe). I've encountered a lot of difficulty building my current rack as I realized very late that it could fill no more than 12 modules, which prevented me to stack a lot of 4HP modules that I was planning to buy. Yesterday I came up with the opposite idea: fill the case with bigger modules (9 or 10) and drill a hole for (2-3) more modules to be mounted on a custom rack. Then, throw in as many passive utilities as possible (attenuators, fixed filters and LPGs).

I know nothing of power consumption, I don't even know if a 104HP palette would consume more power than a 62HP with the same modules inside. Maybe it would be simpler to trade my case but as I said, I'd prefer to focus on buying the few modules I miss and its size is still way easier to travel with (the ARP will stay on the boat but I'll still be able to travel with the case).

Now the rack:

ModularGrid Rack

It's centered around the Harmonaig that feeds the 3 oscillators of the ARP while the Ornament is set in sequencer mode. Pamela mostly provides synced LFOs to be fed to the S&H then RE comparator and/or Ruissellement). The Ochd is fed to passive attenuators and provide variations a bit of everywhere. The gates of Ruissellement are fed into JF in volley mode (clocked bursts) that can be routed to the DFAM trigger and/or the ARP VCAs. I added the Sarajewo here but I don't own it and it's expensive, so I'd be happy to replace it with "anything" and I'll use an FX AID (that I do own) in the meantime.

The bottom row is the external case!

In terms of cost, this is ok: I own most of the modules already, apart from the Harmonaig, the Ruissellement,the Sarajewo and some of the very inexpensive passive modules). But do you see any possible ameliorations? If the drill is a good idea of course

Thanks for reading :)

PS: this was the initial 104HP rack I drafted, with exactly 24 active modules.

ModularGrid Rack

Price is obviously very different!