You might need to crank up the volume on this.

Three sound sources, the Noise from Kinks, Error Instruments Indian Resonator and an Ambient field recording, Threw a few beats in the middle too. Some joystick play effecting the Indian Resonator though there is some Random and LFO hitting the joystick too. Later on I'm riding the Feedback and joystick while the Pitch CV is being modulated from the NE Clep Diaz.
Listen out for the Frog croaks and the Ice Cream Van :)

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

Interesting track! Did you use your brewery for an input signal? It sounds a bit like that. Great experimental sounds, for example around 19:00, it gives me goose bumps :-)

Glad to see your cat again who seems to be still very interested in your rack, is it? :-) Does he/she actually likes the music? Or is it rather curiosity?

Thanks a lot for sharing this with us and kind regards, Garfield.

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Thanks Garfield, no brewery sounds in this one, I should use some brewer sounds as percussion sometime as some of the Pump noise I've recorded with Contact Mics onto pipes would work well through the Patching Panda Punch VCA.
The cat likes cuddles, thankfully she's not chewed any cables for ages now, she knows she gets cuddles when I'm playing the modular.

Or you could mic up your coffee machine. No, seriously! If you check out Tangerine Dream's BRILLIANT early dronefest "Zeit", you can hear the result on (I think?) "Birth of Liquid Pleiades", where the "liquid" part is Edgar miking up Dieter Dierks' Mr. Coffee machine.

And works!

Nice :)

That gets into some excellent, spooky, trippy territory. Nicely done!

Cheers :)