Hello fellow synth nerds!

Does anyone here own the Soundmachines Modulör 114? There is so little to be found on the web/YouTube, I already did some extended research... But I'm really interested in some personal opinions of owners!

Short notes about me: I owned some semi modulars already (0-Coast, Behringer 2600, Kilpatrick Phenol and more) and a full AE Modular case. I would say I know quite well about signal flow and patching. I produce electronic music for a little over 10 years now. Firstly it was Electro and Synthwave. Now I'm really into making Dark Ambient and Drone. I adore the music of artists like A. Cortini, Caterina Barbieri, Hiro Kone, Luke Sanger and so on.

Basically I want to create modulated, evolving drones, bass lines and arpeggiated patterns with the Modulör and record them into Ableton.
The thing is, I'm on a tight budget. In the long run my plan is to get a decent 2 row 84hp case and put the Modulör in and extend it with modules like Maths, Clouds or Morphagene and some VCO and VCFs.

I'm grateful about any opinion/help! Cheers Martin