I posted my Matriarch, polyphonic companion some time ago but cannot find the thread again, so here is the updated version! I'd be interested to get some critics. I hope it will also give ideas to people building something similar. My goal is to get access to a good bunch of polyphony technics and overcome some of the limitations of the Matriarch. I tried to describe different ways to use the rack but it might seem too obvious to more advanced synthesists!

ModularGrid Rack

Chord related Arps

Harmonaig multed outs to BBT. It can be transposed further by the Sequence Selector into uScale. The 2 outs from uScale can be switched or T&Held by the Select 2.

Note related Voice

One Harmonaig out into uScale while a o_c sequence sends 1V/oct to the shift input, creates 2 related voices where transposition can be sequenced independently and envelopes to shift input create note bursts.

Simple Inversion and Voicing sequencing

5V into Réseaux provides 4 VCs to be fed into signal selectors or the 1U sequential switch. They can be used to sequence Harmonaig's voicing and/or Inversion.

Polyphonic voices w/ variable amplitudes

Polyphonic envelopes + Morph 4 address the Matriarch mixer limitations as it can't be VCed. They replace my actual setup of Zadar + Quad VCA. Envelopes can be used to advance the Sequence selector and/or select active stages.

Note hocketing etc.

Done through Step 8 + Ruissellement


I don't know if the sequencing part is well addressed. What I'm sure of is that I just CAN'T program the Matriarch sequencer and see myself using it less and less. I may miss offset/attenuverters and fw rectifiers to create positive LFOs. If I can get rid of the Next Phase, I'd be happy to take input on what I could add there instead. I've been hesitant in selecting the Harmonaig instead of the Bard's quartet and ended up getting 2 quantizers. Another solution would be to use a dual quantizer from Hemisphere and replace uScale with a 6HP dual sequencer (or a sequencer with scale and a transpose input eg. the Tirana). Cheers!