I’m quiet happy with my rack but want some more modulation possibilitys.
Mainly for modulation of Plaits, Monsoon and Marbles in generative patches.
I have 8 HP free space and think that DivKid ochd could be a good choice.
But I should be happy for other suggestions.

ModularGrid Rack

Pamela's New Workout would fit nicely. 8 clockable LFOs , with variations - euclidean, random, logic, quantizing.

Hmmm...clearly, you either like module programming with a pair of tweezers, or you've got fingers the size of raw spaghetti. The first thing I would suggest is to get all of those little bitty modules the hell OUT of there.

As for more modulation with the existing modules, my suggestion would be to lose the old Veils and replace it with the NEW one. This then opens 2 hp...and you have 8 hp already...for a total of 10 hp. Now head over to Tiptop's listings and check out the MISO. It fits under "mixers", but that's far from everything that that one module can do. And it's versatile enough that you'll be using it all the time for LOTS of things that involve extracting more modulation from your current modulators. Put it right next to that 10 hp Veils so that you can also have CV over modulation amplitude with ease, and there you go.

There are lots of suggestions for modulation modules in a recent thread on Modwiggler: https://www.modwiggler.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=263375