Hi, this is my first post and first venture into modular.

I'm building a small eurorack setup to go along with my MPC Live. Just got the Doepfer A-111-5 and the 60HP Moog case and I intend to get the XAOC Devices Zagrzeb filter shortly:

ModularGrid Rack

My idea is to use this setup to make drones and basslines (hence the Doepfer) and to process MPC samples (hence the stereo filter). I'm looking for suggestions for both those tasks, while the MPC should take care of sequencing, sample playback, it also has a couple of digital synths. The processing doesn't have to be all stereo as I use a lot of mono sounds too. Maybe a more aggressive filter, some saturation, fx... I'm open to all suggestions really since I'm new to this.

read a lot of newbie posts - there are tons here... it'd probably have been a good idea to have done that before actually buying anything - you will run out of space before you know it with such a small case

I'd look at mixing and modulation, at least as important as anything else you could possibly add - probably an fx aid would work well - has a lot possibilities - if you get the xl version you get cv-able bit crushing on all algorithms

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Utility modules are the dull polish that makes the shiny modules actually shine!!!

sound sources < sound modifiers < modulation sources < utilities

Since the MPC is going to have you extensively covered for sampling I feel like the Rample might take up HP that could be better used for something else. Do the CV and gate outs on the MPC handle envelopes or LFOs? If not, something like a Klavis Quadigy, Intellijel Quadrax or Cosmotronic Delta-V might be a good replacement to provide modulation for the Doepfer voice. A modulatable effect like Mimeophon or Morphagene or Qu-bit Prism should give you something that will get good and weird in the way that Euro effects do so well. Noise Engineering Versio modules also offer the benefit of swappable firmwares (and sound amazing). I don’t know how well the MPC can handle Eurorack level audio, so something to receive and send at line levels like Boredbrain Xchangr might also really help to integrate. You’ll want to process sounds from the MPC in the rack, but also bring them back to mix and mangle.

Edit: Just saw the Doepfer amplifier so can disregard that last suggestion :)