ModularGrid Rack

Been having fun with modular for quite a while... my first go-round was back in the late 90s with a 15u Doepfer system. Then I took a long break from music (huge mistake, selling everything!) but finally got back into synths 5 years ago.

I'm really delighted with how this system has come together, and what wild things it can do (unimaginable, really, back when I had that Doepfer system). I rarely patch the whole thing at once, as it's a bit overwhelming... I have an Intellijel 4.5u 104hp case that I use most of the time, taking modules out of the larger system and playing around with smaller subsets (I didn't post the 1u modules here, but the usual Intellijel utility stuff, with some NLC spice).

At this point, I have 27 empty hp to play with. Not in any particular hurry to fill them, but I'm curious if the experts here see any particular important missing elements that I've somehow overlooked (one that comes to mind is a matrix mixer, probably the Lion from Instruo, given that there's a Lion shaped hole right next to all of the other Instruo modules). One thing is for certain, and that is that I have plenty of oscillators/voices... too many, really, though choices are always nice.

p.s. the website is being a little flaky... there should be a Happy Nerding 3xMIA to the left of the 3xVCA... not sure why it isn't showing up here.

A few things immediately come to mind...first up, you should add the "master" module to the Praga. It'll be useful for quite a few things. And yes, add a matrix mixer; in a build of this size and complexity, you've got plenty of sources to screw around with via one of those. Plus, add the expanders for the Batumi and Zadar. You'll want the extra functions.

But the big thing I would change is the organization here. Everything seems to be laid out in a hodgepodge manner, which is definitely going to add to that "overwhelming" sensation. But by putting things together in functional groups, you can cut that problem down to size. Sources...modifiers...modulators...effects...etc, that sort of thing. It also leads to different methods of exploration...for example, if you had the Black Sequencer AND the Moskwa in proximity, you might notice that there's a possibility there that hadn't presented itself before. Same goes for having the logic modules and clock modifiers in proximity, and so on. Yeah, it sounds like a total PITA to do that, but trust the end, the effort's got rewards.

Good suggestions as always, thanks. I've definitely thought of moving the Moskwa and Ostankino next to the Erica sequencer. I change modules around every time I take things out of the case, so I don't mind moving stuff around. (And yes, I know, the organization here could definitely be improved.)

I've thought about adding Hrad, too, but alas... right now it seems to be out of stock everywhere in the world.