The best BD module I've heard / owned so far; and by a longshot over it's later versions / incarnations. I like it more than Tiptop, Jomox and my drum machine kicks. It's thick, punchy and packs a lot of options from traditional to original without needing more than a trigger.

Drawback is lack of cv control but doesn't matter to me since I don't know of any kick module that sticks out in big mixes without going through a low pass gate. Unless patching a kick from scratch, a kick > LPG reigns over perceived loudness / energy at given levels. Hard to believe when soloed loud on nice speakers yet often apparent in mix.

I run it through a fast LPG like the one in Pittsburgh's Synthesizer Box, with a trigger in the envelope mod CV and Asteroid > LPG input.

Great deal at around $100 new since it's "outdated", if you can find stock.