Here’s a recording from a big Krell patch – using Audacity to take a section out of it, adding a simple fade in/out at either end and normalizing to make it a bit louder - that’s about all I’m capable of doing on Audacity.

I started off wanting to make a sound that felt like a mid-70s library record (used to collect those, then I had kids) used on an old wildlife documentary. It's supposed to tell a story of how birds migrate: first the gather, stage for the journey, then the long haul, then they're at their new home for the winter. Sound design-wise, the 70s library feel didn't happen!

Patch notes:
Core Krell (cycling A/D) has its EOC driving Pam’s and a 4MS rotating clock divider. Core Krell provides pitch (via quantized S/H) for main background voice, with another Krell (reversed modulation with longer A/D times set) nested within to modulate gain. Same approach for a ‘lead’ voice Krell and another set of Krells for a heavily reverb’d chord that follows the lead for panned background swells. Many of these Krells use their A/D times but take their pitch S/Hs from other Krell EOCs. A lot of the clock divider pulses determine things like a switch to spread mode on the Magneto delay and feedback triggers for its tape heads. Magneto’s own clock modulation drives a Telharmonic and some higher frequency pings and the bird-ish noises which in turn are manipulated by a Morphagene with its record and other settings modulated by clock divisions, S/H etc.

Everything crosses over into VCVRack for Supermassive reverbs, then into a big mixer with many of its channels modulated for fades, panning and gain. Clock divisions from the case also trigger lots of different sequential switches (some in the case, others in VCV) for turning on/off voices. This is also where the patch got recorded to PC.

I was trying to use slew limiters to make a more ‘glided’ switch for the middle section, but it screwed up the patch, so quickly pulled that out!

Here’s the track (headphones would be best, I don't have speakers nor know how to master)

This sounds great! Very soothing with fantastic, rich layered timbres, and I love the chirps. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

Yep, sounds amazing!

I am inspired by birth, death and the events inbetween.

Hi Manbearpignick,

This is indeed a great result. You didn't make a video, yet I see the birds migration in my head by images flying by while listening to your music. Did you send the track already to Hollywood? They must be impressed :-)

Your idea with a slew limiter actually should have worked out, it surprised me that it didn't. Perhaps some knobs set wrongly? When I use a slew limiter I realise I can't do too small or too large settings, somewhere the golden midway seems to be usually working just fine for me.

Nicely done and thank you very much for sharing this with us, kind regards, Garfield.

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