Nano Rand || O/A/x2 || Links

Sell (~2000 total)

Move 208 / 450
Erbe Verb (20) / 440
Dual ADSR (14) / 190
Tempi (10) / 230
Trigger Man (8) / 150
Nano Rand (4) / 150
Disting mk3 (4) / 160
uVCA II (6) / 130
O/A/x2 (4) / 80
Morphing Terrarium? (14)
Optomix? (8)
Ripples? (8)
Keep White Whale/Earthsea!


Structure 360 ($900, ouuuuch)
Praga (20)
Teletype (18)
Second Peaks? (8)
Poti? (3)
Samara? (10)
O'Tool+? (8)
Monome Ansible? (6)

Veils/Kinks or Samara/uVCA II or Tangle Quartet/O'Tool+? If anything, Veils/Kinks and then can swap O'Tool+ for Cold Mac if desired. No Poti, Samara, or second Peaks in this version but seems worth it for the improved utilities. Still would like more attenuation though. :-/

No uScale or Elements but I'm cool with that I think. No room for Terrarium. Biggest issue is that we need more VCAs (though it would be nice to have another filter). But it's close to just right... Worth thinking about some more. Everything in one rack, consolidates a bit. Less portable but could keep the structure 208 case if I ever want to take the modular out somewhere. Might be able to go sans mixer with Praga in place.

Old 208-gen notes

From Oubliette this drops (in decreasing order of HP):
* Mother-32 (60)
* Dual ADSR (14)
* Cold Mac (8)
* uVCA II (6)
* White Whale or Earthsea (6)
* O/A/x2 (4)

Freeing up 98 HP to be replaced with (in decreasing order of HP):
* Mutable Instruments Elements (34) - $400 used
* Xaoc Devices Praga (20) - ~$500 new
* Monome Teletype (18) - $400 used
* Mutable Peaks (8) - $200 new
* O'Tool+ (8) - $325 new
* uScale (6) - $220 new
* Xaoc Poti Expander (3) - $45 new
* Malekko Mix 4 (3) - $110 new


Still needs more attenuation and another filter would be nice. If we could fit the Xaoc Samara that would be great. If not, Tangle Quartet could do in a pinch. Optomix Rev 2 might be nice as well, allows sidechaining or acts as a Low Pass Gate, and could let us get away with swapping a buffered mult in for Mix4. That winds up with a nice case though more attenuation would sure af help.


The only thing this case lacks compared to Straylight is a good verb/erbe. Frames/Brainseed esque stuff is handled by Earthsea, non-granular cloudy magic is done with DLD, drums with Peaks, physical modeling through Elements, crazy clocking and sequencing options from Meadowphysics and Teletype, modulation galore from Batumi, Just Friends, and URA, endless Timbre exploration with Mangrove and Morphing Terrarium.


Lose 2 HP overall and costs ... well, another 2200 more dollars. T_T Praga, Teletype, Elements, and O'Tool+ are the big pieces.

Assuming I get Teletype everything else can be done with the current case as is. Would be nice to have a uScale for quantizing, peaks for Drums or O'Tool+ for visualization but the rest certainly isn't necessary. Hell, I could swap Rings for Morphing Terrarium whenever I tire of wavetables. Praga is nice to make the rig more portable (no mixer) and make the mixing/muting more "playable" but even that definitely isn't a necessity.

That said, I could sell the O/A/x2, uVCA, Cold Mac, and Dual ADSR for 500 or so. Could get another 500 for the Mother. That brings it down to just an additional 1200 bucks. :-(