my eurorack

Hi there im really new to Eurorack and so far what you see is what i got. I intend to use my Eurorack with an Arturia Keystep and some Pocket Operators from Teenage Engineering. Is there any Module im absolutely missing out that i need for this to work? I for sure want to get a new Oscillator, since Chips really isn't it even tho i like its quirkiness/brokeness. Which Oscillator should i get, what other modules would be great to get? The goal i have is to make some rather dark reverbed sounds, with some modulation possibilities.

I would swap out Zverb with FX Aid XL....2HP smaller and more choices for effects


+1 on FX Aid

Check out Pamela's New Workout instead of the Doepfer LFO, Maths instead of ADSR

Plaits oscillator will get you the most variety of sounds without needing Filters, VCA, Envelopes, etc.

Klavis Twin Waves is an amazing VCO, but you'll definitely need to add a VCA. There are some great Veils VCA clones.

Behringer can be controversial, maybe swap the filter from a reputable manufacturer. TipTop Forbidden Planet and MI Ripples are great all-rounders. Xaoc Belgrad is legendary

Behringer can be controversial.
-- 33PO

While true, in the case of the ARP 2500 clone modules, they are Rob Keeble (AM Synths) designs. And in this case, B wasn't stepping on anyone's toes (there's a first time for everything, I suppose).

I have the 1006 (and a couple other B2500 modules), and while it works great within the 2500 setup, it is a royal pain to use outside of that context (you must use the filter in order to use the amp), so I would second @33PO on a different filter. If you want the ARP filter sound, G-Storm Electro has the TONUS-VCF, which is the classic ARP 2600 4012-filter clone (I personally like it better than the 1006, although the 2-pole 1047 Multimode Resonator is loads of fun!).