sound example:

i use this to record stems which are analog glitchy/computer musicy sounds but also drones which i combine with tracks i made with an advanced audio stretching tool which sometimes includes the drone recordings as a "modulator"/main input.
live i will use supercollider to randomly generate tracks with both things, sometimes using it's deep but digital audio processing tools. i will work on this in the open gencomp class in the udk medienhaus, berlin.
actual releasable tracks i'll combine both soundsources in reaper, maybe even stems processed with supercollider or recordings of supercollider live sessions.

technical details:
the lower section is the main unit with the neutron above (i have the standard red version) being mainly used for it's utility including the 2 oscs for modulation rather then "sound" but will be eventually replaced with stuff like the øchd etc.
the case is handmade with a friend and is maybe a tiny bit "bigger" then 84hp.