I've started to try and record some of my beginning noodlings. Mainly trying to figure things out, I'm hoping to pull some more song like structure into things once I've sussed my new modular out and use with my volca sample and Op1.

Perhaps mad, but I thought I'd start my buying a selection of things to help me find my sound and play around, I'm likely to trade or swaps things out, so please feel free to suggest stuff.

My core sound is to use granular synths and process live guitalele and melodica which I have been doing so far with a superege guitar pedal and delays. I'd like to try and tighten things up and modulate more stuff by using clouds and DLD in this fashion.
I have a mother 32 I'm mainly using for bass sounds, and I have a rings too for dulcima type tones.

Then for modulation I've got tempi (which I'm struggling to get the best from at the moment, though I've just ordered a grandpa which could now maybe create some more interesting rhythms). Maths, (which seems overkill for what I'm mainly using as two LFOs) and Frames (which I'm mainly using as an audio mixer, because I'm finding the keyframing just a little too nuts to control neatly).

Anyhow here's a few vids.