So I've bitten the bullet and purchased an Oxi One Sequencer + Pipe module to use with my Eurorack, 0-Coast, Digitakt and Digitone and am looking to get some feedback/advice on my future rack plans.

Here is my current set up as it stands:

ModularGrid Rack

And this is what I'm playing around with for the future so far:

ModularGrid Rack

I'm purely a hobbyist, so I have no intention with completing full tracks or performing live, but rather just want to have fun jamming and playing around as a means of relaxing during my spare time. In terms of musical styles, I'd like to experiment with deep/minimal/micro house grooves, along with more generative ambient and melodic soundscapes.

Here's some examples of the music I'd like to experiment with:

Deep/Minimal/Micro House:


Would love to get some feedback if I'm heading in the right direction with my future plans, or if there is anything I should consider/change? A few things that stick out to me so far that I'd like some advice on is:

  • Have I got too many sequencers in the rack now in light of the Oxi One? Should I consider getting rid of either the Mimetic Digitalis, Marbles or both?
  • Do I have the right/enough utilities to keep me busy and achieve the goals I'm after?
  • Am I limiting myself too much with only 2 attenuverters with the O/A/x2? Should I consider something like a Happy Nerding 3x MIA instead?

Ideally, I'd love to be able to use the rack alongside my other hardware (Oxi One/DT/DN/0-Coast) mainly, but also standalone by itself, so hoping I can get some insights and advice to help me plan for the future!

Thanks in advance :)

personally I don't think you can have too many sequencers - I've got 5 or so - but I have a much larger rack - so you might want to consider getting rid of the mimetic digitalis - however, you could also use it for modulation purposes... if you want 'generative' then marbles is good for this so I'd keep it

if you are asking if you have enough utilities, then the answer is probably no - more attenuators/attenuverters/mixing/vcas/etc are almost always a good idea... especially once you start using them for modulation as well as audio - personally I'd add a matrix mixer - I like the doepfer due to ergonomics - but you may not be able to fit it in before the next case!! I think 30% of rack space being utilities is a good idea and then follow the advice in my signature... and I'm not a fan of output modules - more utilities = more control!

I'd be tempted to go for smaller attenuverters, if you can fit them in as well as a matrix mixer, possibly 2hp - as they do a dual in 2hp - the happy nerding 3*MIA is great if you have the space, though!

good luck finding a wmd/ssf toolbox, wmd overseer and a black maths - discontinued, about to be discontinued or just plain unobtanium....

"some of the best base-level info to remember can be found in Jim's sigfile" @Lugia

Utility modules are the dull polish that makes the shiny modules actually shine!!!

sound sources < sound modifiers < modulation sources < utilities

Thanks for the advice. Good to know about the sequencers. Will probably keep them for now and see how much use I'm getting from them before making any decisions to sell.

As for the mixer, would I not be able to use the A-138s, Quad VCA and Listen 1/4 for mixing if needed? I'm only playing around with possible expansion ideas and definitely want to focus on utility modules next. If I were to get the A-138s, Maths, Mult and either the O/A/x2 or 3x MIA next, that should be enough to open up more possibilities and keep me busy for a while, no?

One of our local stores has a WMD Toolbox and Overseer on pre-order, but I have heard they're being discontinued, so not sure if it's an error on their site or not. What would you recommend instead of these if I'm not able to source them? I'm not phased about the black Maths either. I'd probably just get the regular one and a custom faceplate if I wanted to go black - was just playing around with potential colour options.

I'm still very much in the learning phase, so I definitely don't want to go all out and would prefer to just pick a few utility modules that will give me enough freedom to experiment while learning.