ModularGrid Rack

Over the past 2 month I've been digging in to modular synthesis and come up with a rack aimed towards creating music such as jungle, idm, Ambient, hiphop and experimental. The idea was to mainly focus on drums but still have the possibility to create Ambient soundscapes.
I've been messing with music and synthesis for a while so I've designed the rack to be kinda familiar, for example not having to many hybrids but instead adding modulars that has specifik functions like delay, adsr doing its own thing. Ive added a good amount of different modulars, hoping it will give me a wide range of modulation and patching variations. Originally i added the buchla 258t but since its not available until January i added the Dannysound en129 and the MCO instead, i might even cancel the buchla 258t and keep DS en129, maybe!
fyi - i might sell the z5000 so i pulled it out of the rack.

equipment that i already own

Varigate 8+
vpme QD
intellijel mixup
Sample drum > arriving soon
Dannysound en129 > arriving soon

until know everything works as intended so that's great, but if there are any obvious mistakes, holes or just good ideas for further fine tuning, speak up.

Malekko has a whole ecosystem of modules that work amazing with the Varigate 8+. Rotating Clock Divider can take advantage of the bus clock sent by the Varigate

Swap the Tangle Quartet for the Malekko Quad VCA and your Varigate will save/swap presets on the VCA!

Voltage Block would be a great addition.

made some adjustments:
ModularGrid Rack

Makes sense, i will defininetly consider it for the build.