Just putting together a hypothetical performance oriented case. I have one 6 hp slot left, not sure what to add there. Was thinking octave switcher but Steppy already has 4 channels so it might be redundant. I’m also considering a logic/bernouli gate or a lpg?

Looking for suggestions!

Each voice you have has its own envelope, so imo I don't think you need an LPG, unless you want to use it to deal with some noise source you have.
Maybe a quantized CV source. Maybe you could change your sequencer to Euclidean circles for example, or Maleko Varigate 4+.
Imo you have a lot of gate sources to feed two voices.
But hey, I'm a beginner, there are people here with much more experience who will surely be able to help you better than me.


bigger case - you'll want to expand almost immediately as this is already nearly full and is very very limiting and in a lot of cases overly cramped

whilst I don't normally like the words redundancy or overlap in relation to modular synthesis - because in (even slightly) larger systems it is to be encouraged to a great extent - I would dump either steppy or numeric repetitor - pams and one of these will be more than enough

get the quadrattor instead of the duatt - or add some vcas in the 1u row

consider bigger fx unit - fx aid xl - or preferably pro - instead of the pico - ergonomics are important - 3hp is very small and fiddly

same for a mixer - ergonomics are important - 3hp is very small and fiddly

add another filter - or an lpg that can be used as a filter or an lpg

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