Hi this is my first post in this wonderful world

ModularGrid Rack
This is what i have ordered so far after reading forums and watching videos for quite some time.
I plan on adding a sequencer in the future but for now am i on the right track?
Any advice/comments/suggestions very welcome and appreciated

Thank you for looking

You're in trouble. When starting out avoid modules bigger than 6-10hp (unless it's Metropolis or Circ Rhythms). Everything you have is too big and wasting hp.
Replace most of it with Doepfer, Ladik, Blue Lantern, and EMW.

Also these:
Kermit or Dixie

Oh right, Is that because when i want to expand i'll need a new rack?

I have a pittsburgh sequencer on the way and still have a fair bit of space in my rack.
Im thinking of getting Links or Pittsburgh M3 (if there is one out there) as a multiple.

So please tell me if i'm making bad choices

Thank you so so much for your help

looks nice, you might wanna add another oscillator and maybe a second filter...

A random source would be a very natural addition: Nano Rand, e.g. I also disagree with the first post to some extent. Though Maths is 20HP, it is such a multifunctional tool that it earns its keep even in a small space. I would, however, try to maximize efficiency where possible: the Mutable Shades or the Intellijel Triatt would you three channels of attenuation or mixing, which might be worth it instead of the A138, and the Mutable Peaks is a better use of HP space than the Dual ADSR since it gives you various kinds of envelopes, dual lfos, or drums depending on what mode you are in.

Thank you all so much for your help I will check these out.

What does the Nano Rand do?
Sorry if thats an obvious answer


It gives you a random source, which is great for modulating things, a noise source, a sample and hold...
See here:

My comment is you're grabbing the fancier versions when vanilla will suffice. Unless you have a reason for the fancier stuff, get the vanilla.

Also, there's nothing wrong with your original rack. Just making your start much easier and simpler.

I bought the 'fancier' versions because i plan to keep these things going forward. I have not bought stuff to play with then think i've had enough of that now. I could afford certain things so went with what i had read were good options.

I love the sound of the Nano rand

I feel i need a multiple and am going to buy a midi to cv but unsure as what to go for.