Hi all,

Title says it all. What do you think? Would you chop and change? Just a hypothetical rack at present

As it stands, the Furthrrrr Generator and MA35 are the absolute must keep modules, the rest I'm flexible and open to swaps etc. One of the priorities however is Ergonomics; I can appreciate that Ochd is touching on the compact side of things, but generally speaking space to wiggle knobs without interference is ideal.

The aim of the case is to explore sound on the experimental tip. Sequencing currently to be done with an SQ1 or Turing type module. Potentially thinking about expanding into the future for multiple voices, but for now multitracking is all good.

Artist reference points: Sciama, Fresnel Lens, Synth Sense.


ModularGrid Rack

lots of big modules - not a lot of case space - if you like ergonomics and want all these modules I'd say just get a bigger case (104hp either 6u or 9u) so there's some space left over for future modules - my guess is that the verbos cv processor seems like it's enough for now, in the future you'll want more utilities - doepfer make a lot of ergonomic utilities for reasonable prices

also seems like too little in the way of 'voices' for 6u - I'd probably want to squeeze in another one somewhere - again bigger case - tbh I'd probably switch the rcd, penrose, permutation and clock modules out for a pams... it'll cover all of them and save a few hp...
which will leave a bit of space for a sub-mixer...

personally I'd want more vcas - and definitely consider swapping out the verbos envelope - 2 big, there are plenty of smaller envelope generators with good enough ergonomics that are much smaller - and the source of uncertainty - for exactly the same reasons...

"some of the best base-level info to remember can be found in Jim's sigfile" @Lugia

Utility modules are the dull polish that makes the shiny modules actually shine!!!

sound sources < sound modifiers < modulation sources < utilities

Thanks for the feedback Jim - really handy. Can you recommend any utility modules you've enjoyed using? Currently toying with the idea of adding in Miso or Triplatt, but perhaps they're a bit overkill with the CVP already in there?

I'm totally open to suggestions on the oscillator front. Pam's is a great shout. I think Permutation stays in as I can't seem to find a Turing function in Pam's unless I'm missing something?

I'm happy to replace the case with a larger one later down the line to be honest and it will most likely happen before long, but that being said the nudge led to good discoveries on the EG front with Quadigy so thanks for that. Lower hp SOU alternates that spring to mind are Random Sampling (admittedly still on the large side), Wogglebug and Sloths unless you have any other ideas? Can't deny RS looks pretty cool with the ASR feature.

Updated rack below

ModularGrid Rack