Let’s try this again - haha. First time it didn’t share the entire case for some reason.

First case, looking at the Intelligel Palette case as a starter build before getting too crazy. The goal here is to add Melody synth voice as inspiration as well as use the rig to make textures and soundscapes to add to other music. Only locked in module is the plaits as I’ve already purchased one (had to get it in before MI finished up production). Plan to use the Xchanger to pair with my modulation effects pedals to add reverb/delay/echo/swell/etc. I also have a Roland JU106A boutique rig that I could use as synth voice and a TR08 Drum machine, but I’m looking to buy a dfam in addition.

Please let me know sequencer recommendations as well as anything else. Thanks to all and happy holidays!

Plaits is a perfect first module. Keystep or Beatstep would be nice addition for controller and starter sequencer

Plaits is a perfect first module. Keystep or Beatstep would be nice addition for controller and starter sequencer
-- 33PO

or the pro versions - looking forward...

I'd recommend starting with a larger case - you will inevitably need it and the smaller you start with the sooner you'll need it!!!

"some of the best base-level info to remember can be found in Jim's sigfile" @Lugia

Utility modules are the dull polish that makes the shiny modules actually shine!!!

sound sources < sound modifiers < modulation sources < utilities

What Jim says! I started out almost year ago and, with his advice, I got myself an Intellijel 7U 104hp case. He actually advised a Mantis, which is much cheaper but has no 1U row. I built a second case (DIY) in the meantime without 1U and I have to admit I don't miss it. I'm using only half of it on the 7U anyway. In any case (haha, get it? case!) a bigger case is very advisable because as soon as you're adding a few modules, you'll curse the fact that you have to buy a bigger one. Might as well get that bigger one right now.

Plaits and Beatstep Pro is what I also started with, and a CEM3340 based analog oscillator. Plaits is a bit of a taster menu. Lots of modes to try out, e.g. a bit of FM, a bit of wavetable, a bit of physical modeling, and so on. When you want to go further, you can get a specific module in that area later on.

Modular playlist on SoundCloud - One Track Per Day

And a larger Case can also be nice to work with, even if it's more than half empty. I found myself enjoying 6U system with the top populated and the bottom only for input (on the very left) as well as output (on the very right) modules. And a heavier case will really help as soon as your plugging in two, four or even six instrument cables via the bored brain module ;)
Good luck and have fun!