Hello earthlings! I am fairly new to modular but have a question for anyone familiar with Ableton and Endorphin.es' Shuttle Control.

I'm creating a live show that uses Ableton plus a tiny modular rack for drum synthesis. All sequencing will be done in Ableton and transmitting midi via USB to the Shuttle Control, which converts it to gate/CV.

Unfortunately, I have found I cannot use Ableton's CV Tools to send CV to Shuttle Control. The only option appears to be using an External Instrument, which is the only tool that provides "Shuttle Control" as an option under the "Midi To" section. With External Instrument I can send triggers by dropping notes on a midi grid, which is great for triggering my Pico Drums.

However, I can't figure out any intelligent way to send CV from Ableton to Shuttle Control — the only option to send CV appears to be by drawing the modulation curve by hand in the Envelopes panel. That sucks because I want to be able to send CV that is randomized, as well as pre-arranged, during my live show. Is there a plug-in or Max device that does this?

If anyone has any know-how on this, I'd sooooo appreciate it. Thank you!

Have you tried this?…

You can assign a cv output on the shuttle control to its own internalized random voltage source; 3 source types listed: randomized, quantized random, and stored random. Check out the Shuttle Control software dropdown menu—https://cargo4.endorphin.es/

All 3 randomized outputs are on an assignable note so all you would need to do in Ableton is press the appropriate note, I think. It might act like a gate. I don’t know.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

How about something like Midi Shaper for the pre-arranged ones since you can store multiple waves https://www.cableguys.com/midishaper.html

Then you can configure a shuttle port to be "CC Smoothed" which will convert MIDI CC to CV out of the shuttle control (-5 to +5).

You can also configure a CV port on the shuttle as LFO Sample and hold. The frequency of the S&H can be adjusted by cc# so you can map a knob to change S&H frequency.