Hallo Community,

this is my Rack Iam working on since a couple of years. First, I wanted a small rack for minimal Techno. I expanded a bit for ambient and drone stuff. What do you think of my modular? Is there something missing or too much??

ModularGrid Rack

What do you think of my modular? Is there something missing or too much??

-- Denkraumverzerrt

I think there might be too much — as in literally too much modules. Rows 3 and 4 extend an hp beyond the boundaries of the case dimensions. Can you get all those modules to fit in your case? If not, the least amount of movement would be replacing Links (4hp) and Pico DSP (3hp) for modules that are 2hp; or putting Pico on the Links row (trading places), and buying a 2hp mult for the Pico row.

Hey. Thanks for your reply. All the Modules are in the Case. It stands next to me. What do you think about it for minimal techno, and ambient? Are there modules missing?

That’s great to hear. No, I don’t think anything is missing. Maybe for the type of ambient-evolving-soundscapes, I’d recommend the Morpheus filter (controlled by long Zadar envelopes) or Arbhar. But I don’t know if that’s your type of ambience. For Aphex Twin ambient, you’re good. And it looks like that's probably what you’re going for.

Thank you! I got rid of the Veils and bought the Lapsus OS. The PicoDrums is replaced by a Filter. I think it suits me now :-)

I would add some granular synthesis. Morphagene, Nebulae, Arbhar, etc. Very good for all styles, especially ambient of course. But it’s a question of sensitivity. Excellent selection of modules otherwise...

Thanks for your Inspiration. Finally I got rid of the QoP and changed it with the ModBase MK2. For Percussion I use the BIA 👍🏻