Hi guys, I'm new to modular and this is my current set up. I am looking for suggestions as I want to know better ways of generating CV sequences. Currently I use the LS1 Lightstrip into the Bishops Miscellany to record cv from the lightstrip, but I would like to know other ways of creating sequences perhaps through Pamelas New Workout? I am having trouble sequencing both the Sample Drum and Plaits at the same time to get a decent groove going. I would also like to add effects after my voices, and I am not finding Clouds to be really that interesting, and somewhat hard to predict/control. I'm sure there are some glaring holes in my set up that others may see, so I would love to get some peoples suggestions/recommendations on how to improve this!


Pico Seq is a fun little pitch sequencer

Mimetic Digitalis would pair great with Plaits

FX Aid is awesome for such a small case. Check if it will fit the depth of your case

Midi to Cv?

Midi to Cv?
-- norde

I'm trying to keep it in the box if possible!