This is a multitracked demo featuring the E330 as the sole sound source. It's produced from a proto-type kindly provided by Synthesis Technology

To hear some unprocessed/noFX single track sounds from the piece, check here:

@Fastus, this is a great way to showcase the module, and I enjoyed the track by itself, as well as the deconstructions on your other account! I am surprised I don't see the E330 mentioned more often in the forums, and I'm surprised its cloud mode doesn't get more attention---I think it's just so fun to use its FM capabilities.

I always loved the sound of the Access Virus Rack, which I cannot afford (space and dollars), and I've been looking out for something that could be used instead. The E330's cloud mode sounds so good that I think I can use it instead, because I want the sound for leads (and maybe bass) but not chords. (Bonus: At max spread, the E330 can make chords.)

I have a Behringer Neutron, and I don't like the sound of its oscillators when synced, so I've been looking at for a VCO that can sync. That's another thing that the YouTube demos don't really dwell on: E330 hard [I assume] sync sounds. Because it's a digital VCO, though, I guess the probably didn't mess up sync.

Let me know if any of your tracks have sections that show off the stacked saws of cloud mode or the hard sync of the VCO. Thanks for the great sounds.

Many thanks 'napper - the E330 sadly is overshadowed by its bigger brothers, the E352 and the E370 - both great, but considerably more expensive. I think the E330 is the best bargain in Eurorack actually.