I am a complete and utter noob when it come to electronic music making so I apologise in advance if these questions are very basic in their nature.

A while ago I was given an Arturia MicroBrute and a Volca Beats to settle a debt.
At first I was going to eBay them in order to get back the cash I was owed, but I started playing around with them and through some YouTube searches learned how to connect the two by the sync out on the Beats to the Gate in on the Brute. I've been having a lot of fun since.

The other day I spotted a modular bass synth by a company called Dreadbox in my local pawn shop. They are asking £180.00 for it. It is a module with no keyboard.
It has a midi in socket on the back and some patching sockets on the top.
If I where to get this synth, how would I incorporate it into my current set up?

What I would like to do is to be able to have all 3 units running in sync and each unit playing its own separate sequence. The Beats playing the drums, the bass synth playing a baseline sequence and the Brute playing a lead sequence, as an obvious example, leaving me to tweak and adjust the sounds on the fly.

I know that the MicroBrute has a sequencer so can I use it to drive the base synth and also a separate lead part? Or do I need a separate sequencer for each synth.
I am also aware of the midi out mod for the Volca Beats but I don't know if that's relevant to this situation.

Like I have said already, I am a complete noob at all this. I discovered this world by accident and I think that I'm getting well and truly hooked. I have tried searching for answers but I don't really know how to phrase the questions correctly for google or the forum search to be really helpful.

Any advice would be welcome.
Thank you.

Ok first to clarify,

Do you have MIDI on these devices? Sounds like you would benefit from both a mixer and sequencer.

Behringer makes cheap Eurorack mixer
For sequencer- you can get a Beatstep Pro and Korg SQ-1 to handle the modular and other gear. These both have CV and MIDI.

That would be the easiest and cheapest route that I am aware of.

BUT if you actually want to sequence and play each track separate you need a more powerful sequencer I think like an Elektron Octatrack, Squarp Pyramid, Social Entropy Engine, or Kilpatrick Carbon!

microbrute has a sequencer, but it is only 1 channel - so you can only have one sequence running at one time and the number of slots for saving is low, if it's anything like the sequencer on my minibruteSE which I think it is

also not sure how you'd trigger/synch the beats - never had a volca

I also have a BSP and for sequencing a drum machine/bass/lead it's perfect + it has loads of slots etc - much better than my minibruteSE - I use it for sequencing a modular synthesizer and triggering

  • it can handle midi and cv and synch and drum triggers (so would work with everything)

another option which may be possible is to use a precision adder - but then you are into buying a rack etc - which you may not want to do at the moment - and you would be limited to a specific interval

another option is to not worry so much - get the dreadbox module and try it - you may get what you want from tuning the microbrute and the dreadbox to different intervals - you might want a guitar tuner (there are free ones for your phone)

tbh I'd do this and then get a BSP (pretty cheap used) if needed or go in a totally different direction (if you want to keep your money - run and don't look back - there's a reason they call it eurocrack!!!)

Perhaps a modular sequencer like Eloquencer might work? I love those! Or a Hermod?

I looked and all three devices have MIDI in. You can buy a MIDI splitter and drive all three from one MIDI source, just set each synth to a separate MIDI channel (1-16).

At this point, you may want to consider using a DAW. If you get a USB audio interface with four inputs and a MIDI jack and inexpensive software like Reaper, you can manage your sequences in your computer as well as record/mix/add effects as well.

Just an option.