Where can I get this or is it a custom, one-of-a-kind thing?

Hey there, 

it's a one of a kind thing for now though I'm thinking about making it available at some point most likely in kit form. For news and updates keep an eye on my blog at http://ka010.com ;

Please do! I wouldn't mind one of these. Very useful. 

Working on it! 



you definitely need to do a kit - as everyone is keen on modding their gear since the korg stuff is out, this would go through the roof!

ha, you're from stuttgart! 

Viele Grüße aus Frankfurt!!

Cheers! Und grüße aus Stuttgart :) 

PCBs are pretty much done, hoping to do a first batch soon.

For those who are interested, there's a newsletter/interest list available on my blog (no strings attached)

http://ka010.com/post/79693091184/eurolist ;

can you tell us a bit more about the functions of the module?

Sure, here's what it does.

  1. it's a set of mults and attenuators 

  2. it covers all inputs/outputs of the MiniBrute (Audio and CV) 

  3. it adds attenuators for VCA and VCF input on the MiniBrute 

  4. it's completely passive

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