As a new user some of the design choices on this site are hard to deal with. Specifically when text is covered by boxes like 'tags' and the action buttons.

I have generated a short bit of CSS that fixes all these issues.

.box-module {
float: none;
display: inline-block;
vertical-align: top;

.box-module .main-info .elements-bottom {

.box-module .main-info .elements-bottom .module-tags {

.box-module .main-info .elements-bottom .module-tags a,
.box-module .main-info .elements-bottom .module-tags span {


You can implement this using the Stylish plugin or any other browser plugin that allows custom user styles.

Also, mods, consider adopting these changes. It makes your site more flexible for any future changes/screen sizes.

Hey, thanks for the suggestion. You are right that the overlapping of the absolute positioned tags is not ideal.
For some reasons we always tried to stay with the fixed height boxes but maybe we should change that.
I am somewhat blind for those design issues because it was always like that and there are so many other things to fix ;-)
So it's good to be reminded to look over that again.
cheers Knut


Tags don't overlap anymore, sorry it took so long ...