Hello good people,

as many here, I am a complete newcomer to the world of modular synths. Nevertheless, I've been making music for some time already and already own an Analog Four synth + Octatrack Combo, which can do a lot by themselves. But I had been tempted to try out modular and so I did purchase some modules already.

This system is primarily aimed at granular/effect processing of external signal (from A4 or computer) and internal samples (I've got a Radio Music sample player on the way), as I fell in love with the capability of Clouds, around which I plan to build this. But then I figured out that the Analog Four has this great ability to send CV/Gate outs, which would spare me of buying a sequencer, so I thought it'd be nice to get an oscillator too. I quite like the strum-like sound of Rings.

I'm very much into ambient/experimental music (very textured, like Tim Hecker, Fennesz, etc.), so I'd like to ask for an advice, how to spice up the sound a bit. The sounds coming from Clouds treated via Batumi (attenuated by Triatt) are great, however I'd appreciate some more intricate ways how to build interesting sound structures. Maybe some random trigger generators to fire up snippets of sound from Clouds ... or maybe clock dividers to create interesting variations of the master clock provided by Analog Four? I don't know, I'm still a beginner, so I'd appreciate any kind of advice.



BTW, I found Erica Black Hole to be redundant, as Clouds has great reverb as well and I won't find much use for it

As a Clouds owner as well, I too found the reverb to work well. Glad to see I wasn't the only one that thought that.
I look forward to seeing what ideas can come forward to create distinct textures with Clouds and it's voltage controls.

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been there 1months ago
i made this 84hp as my first
i am sequencing and modulating from software via motu

ModularGrid Rack

just to get some idea