Hey all,
I just made my first eurorack purchase. I got mutable instruments clouds, and intelijel dixie ii +. I was wondering how I can patch these 2 together?

Hi, I wanted to give you some straigt up answer having the clouds and various VCO's, but I think part of the fun really is to try out crazy stuff - as long as you adhere to what is input/output. Some inputs are usually ment for either audio or cv... but its common that both can be used on many modules. However, look into a VCA and envelope(s). May seem boring, but without them, the sound you create will become very static (drone) and not vary in amplitude (level). Thats why its always good to have the basic modules (VCA, Envelopes, LFO) and usually VCF (although clounds can do some filtering). Have fun!

I would recommend to buy a Math and a VCA next.

and ohh.. say goodbye to your savings ;)


and ohh.. say goodbye to your savings ;)

-- brggr

Lol, how true