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Hey fam,

Looking for some real quality life advice -- I currently have a Make Noise skiff (104hp) Mother 32 and a Maths. What's next?

Logistically, I plan to keep the M32 in it's own case, and reserve the skiff for other modules.

My goals are to create unique musical textures (west coast/ambient), and some sampling / music concrete manipulation.

What I'm wondering is...

  1. Should I go for the Chord next for an additional voice (or 4 -- including harmonies)?

  2. Should I go ahead and go with Clouds cause I know I'll love it

  3. Should I go with the Disting, because... it's a badass swiss army knife of tools.

My primary synth for the past couple years has been an OP-1. It carries a lot for me, musically. But if you had to pick just a few modules to either interface with the OP-1 (midi or audio/sample processing), what would you suggest?


If I had to choose a single module I would go for the disting because as you said it's the swiss army knife of modular. Clouds it's an amazing module especially if you have the mother 32 for additional processing and cv. I personally don't like the chord (bare with me, I never had one and never tested one, I just don't like the idea behind it), I would use that space for some modules for a proper synth voice or I would go for the Spectral Multiband Resonator to use in combination with the mother32.
I would like to recommend you for what about sampling the Gynkosynthese Sampleslicer, it's an amazing tool for sampling I have one, I love it and I use it a lot or if you want to stay classic you can go for the phonogene (altough it cost 4 times the Gynko) from Make Noise. If you want to spend big money you can go for some fancier samplers like the upcoming assimil8or from Rossum or the bitbox from 1010music (not that expensive but very interesting) or the ER-301 from Orthogonal devices.


Thanks man!

I'm definitely leaning more toward the Disting, from a practical approach. I'd like to learn as much as possible about these couple pieces and then move on.

The idea of a DIY module is really appealing to me--is that how you'd typically get a Ginko Synthese, through a kit? Looks like it's tough to get if you're outside of Europe, but a really cool module!

I had the Ginko as kit, pretty easy to assemble, just some basic soldering skills are needed (the only tricky part are the led, beware to not overheat them and check the polarity, I made some mistakes on that), but I know it was also available as "complete" module. The guy behind GinkoSynthese is very friendly and extremely helpful, so if you are interested in the module maybe it's worth to send a mail; the sample slicer is really a great module, that crunchy 12bit sound is lovable.

Best of luck with you modular!