Hi everyone,

I recently made the decision to dive into Eurorack due to being burnt out on the digital sound, sick of spending all my time installing / updating and activating software instruments, poor support from software companies and generally experiencing too many software, DAW and OS issues.

After many years I have decided that a eurorack processed further with plugins is the best workflow style for me personally. There are some good benefits to this being:

1) Working less inside the box
2) More hands on
3) More fun
4) Less CPU and Memory usage from not using as many software VST Instruments
5) etc. etc.

Here is a picture of the Eurorack system I am building towards: https://cdn.modulargrid.net/img/racks/modulargrid_363519.jpg?1484167785

I am a electronic music producer who dabbles on the darker side of genre's, dark techno, dark trance etc etc.
The purpose behind this eurorack system is mainly to be a "sound generator" with lots of dark character, it is not intended for live performing and sequencing (yet), I am just going to be making lots of gnarly sounds to chop, process etc.

I am not too sure about what effects modules I want yet, and I am thinking of only having 3 oscillators in the rack at any one time but I do want all 4 of those oscillators.

Im looking forward to participating more in the forums over time.

Any thoughts and ideas are welcome.