I'm glad to announce the OCS-2 synthesizer!

OCS-2 is a digital, semi-modular, analogue style synthesizer.
It is more design as a stand alone synth, but it is also eurorack compatible (50HP).
I think it can be a good way to start a modular setup, or to have a small hardware for performance if you can't move your big eurorack box.
Or even to add 1 synth voice to an already existing setup.

This synth is composed with :

2 VCO providing 15 different waveforms (including few atypical one)
1 VCF : multi-mode, including a 24db/octave low pass resonant filter
3 LFO : 2 with configurable waveform, 1 with CV frequency control
1 custom CV generator with 4 algorithms : Attack Release, dual LFO, Random, Step
1 audio effects processor with 4 effects : Distortion, Delay, Bitcrush, Waveshaper
1 ring modulator
1 CV controlled mixer for VCO1 and VCO2
2 octaves keyboard with portamento
1 digital matrix to connect signals to modulation faders
1 stereo line-IN with envelope follower and gate control
1 MIDI input : note / velocity / pitch bend / modulation wheel / control change
3 analogue CV IN and 1 GATE IN
1 light sensor

It provide a digital connection matrix, so you don't need cable, it's very compact and even comes with it's own box!!!

Ok, I know, it's digital and many don't like that.
but let's listen to its sound, watch videos and talk about it later.

Find more informations the website:

Cyrille Henry / Nozoïd

Hey Cyrille,
interesting thingy that you built! Are there any sound examples online where you use an external audio input (maybe some piano playing) and modulated it through the OCS-2 signal path? This would be very interesting to hear.

Hello Marc,
Unfortunately, I did not have this kind of example.
I add it to my TODO list...

Just send me an OCS-2 for testing to Germany and I will do some sound files for you. Seriously...

Thanks for the proposition,
send me a private mail (http://nozoid.com/contact/), so we can discuss.

For Parisian people, I'll be there:
Sunday afternoon.
I hope to see some of you there for a live demo!