Total noob here ... and putting together a 104 HP Appendix skiff to compliment my Mother-32 set-up.

I am on the fence about the choice of VCAs mentioned above. I have Veils in my mockup case, but I'm wondering if the 'attenuverters' in the Blinds module will be more useful for shaping CV? Seems so on the surface, but maybe there are advanced modular heads that have an opinion as well?

I'm a guitar player by experience, and my style of modular mayhem is more Ambient/Melodic instead of Robotic/Chaotic if that helps. Thanks in advance ... what an amazing website and community you have here. Cheers.

Well it looks like a little more digging into what these two modules do has answered my question ... noobie don't read well sometimes ... so, it's gonna be Veils as I want a 'proper' VCA in the mix. Blinds looks interesting tho, so maybe in the next skiff. Cheers, and thanks for looking. =: >