Hi everyone.
I'm a total newb in ER so I'm here to mine your deep minds on my desired set up.
I haven't done any hardware based music in about 20 years and to be honest, if it wasn't for the compact size and power of ER I don't think I'd bother. Truth is, soft synths don't do it for me anymore so here I am!
I've already bought the top row of my rack and I'm mostly happy. I haven't quite figured out what to do with frames yet but i like the look of the parasite update so it's staying for now. I think I probably err on the side of organic sounds with looser sequencing like cinematic sound design although I'd like a flexible system for the occasional tight electronic session now and again. I want to do some work with vocals and the morphagene looks great for this. Maybe I have too much modulation and not enough utility modules. What do you think?
Here's an example of some sound I like.


Hi. I'm missing:
CV conditioning

Thanks. What is CV conditioning? And Frames is a mixer or perhaps there's​ another type of mixer. Any makes and models for your suggestions?

CV conditioning = offset, scaling, inverting, mixing of control voltages

Yes Frames is a bunch of VCAs and a mixer of sorts, but not all at the same time. Plus, Frames's special feature is switching between different settings of its 4 channels under CV control up to audio rates. Putting it to work as a bunch of bread & butter VCAs or a cheap dedicated mixer seems like a waste.

Get a dedicated multiple VCA and a 4 ch audio mixer. 2xVCX and Doepfer A-138b come to mind but are just examples (use the module browser). As a general rule I recommend cutting your teeth on a bunch of simple second hand modules and upgrade to more expensive gear when you really are able to make use of its specific features. Makes sense?

Yes, makes good sense. Was thinking of veils but it's a lot of rack space for 4vca's. I've also neglected drums a bit so I'll go back and have a rethink. Thanks.