Hi Community,
I am a (singer-) songwriter and I am recording my songs in my own little home recording studio. After checking out multiple vids on the Moog Mother 32 I am planing to purchase one for my next recording project. Heard some great patches that could be the basis for a song, also some great sound effects that could perfectly match with my recordings. So my setup will have to be some sort of a swiss army knife, not so much of just one purpose (like focussing on noise etc.). I am very fascinated by the modular world. So most probably I will continue my journey, once I have started. But that will be another project.
For now I am looking for modules that will be a good combination for the mother. So far I have understood that another VCO and VCF, also some effect units should be helpfull. The modules shouldn´t be too difficult to understand or too complex, as I am only just beginning.
Also I will buy the modules step by step, due to financial limitations. This very tiny rack should match with the size of the mother, so that I can put it in the moog tier.
This is what I have been thinking about until now. Are there alternatives? Suggestions for more modules (there is some space left Jens ):
Thanks in advance for all the advice, comments and ideas.

Hi there!!! It's funny cause yesterday I started creating a rack exactly to assist 2 moog mother 32. ModularGrid Rack
Here it is!
I am a pop music producer if you are looking for one =) =P

Hey isgotekmusic,
thanks for the posting. I will definitely check out the modules you have in you rack.
As for the stuff I am doing, check ou my soundcloud page with songs I have written alone or with my co-writers. Some only very rough demos or mere sketches, some full productions. Some of them have been released by other artists, some are on my 2015 CD "Camerado" (fully produced in ableton):

Hi , I am making music in FL studio , looking for someone to collab , btw I also can share this sound pack which I currently use for my music projects