So the last past days I've been checking so many youtube channels and on this site here and soaked so many information's that I feel almost drained. This world is very overwhelming. But also very very exciting.

So I have a few questions as I'm a total noob and I wouldn't call myself musician.

I want to build a rack that allows some kinda fun on it's own but also works with Pocket Operators and outside things. I do a little bit music with a friend and we have a few PO's and a Korg Monotron. I wanted to buy a Kastle from Bastl but then I decided to keep that money and first check this world out. I love exploring sounds, noisey or dance able.

So this rack might be super random. ModularGrid Rack
My targets are:

Low Cost and if possible DIY.
I wanna learn to solder.
I want it to be fun on it's own but also kinda working with the Operators.

So I'm planning to get a Uzeus and build a rack.
Are these 3 first moduls making any sense?

I'm super intrested in getting the Turing Machine and the Volts and the Radio Music Modul and build it myself.

Behind the Radio Music Modul are things I would love to get but maybe not at the beginning.

So thank you for your inputs. Any help is very much appreciated.

I'm also a beginner, so take my suggestions for what they're worth. I'm not even sure why I'm responding. I guess when I start thinking about something it's hard for me to stop. I saw your post and started thinking about it, so you might as well see the results of my thought, so here are a few observations:

  1. You have more than half the rack devoted to sequencing, with nothing to sequence except the Pico VCO, and maybe the Radio Music.
  2. The Doepfer a161 is an expander for the a160, and doesn't do anything by itself. The a160 is a clock divider, and needs a clock signal to divide.
  3. You have an a143-9 quadrature LFO. I'm not sure how important the quadrature outputs are to you, but I'd consider something with more LFOs per hp.
  4. Bastl Skis gives you 2 VCAs, and 2 very limited envelopes, and doesn't give you a mix of the 2 inputs. You'll probably want more VCAs, as well as mixing, as well as better envelope generators.
  5. There's no filter in there. Maybe not a total disaster, depending on what your oscillator(s) are capable of, but good to have.

Here's what I would do if it were me:
1. Get rid of Pressure Points, Brains, and the a161, and replace them with, for example, a Pamela's New Workout. That would get you a clock source, clock dividing, LFOs, and some other stuff. Maybe also get something like a Korg SQ1 or a Beat Step Pro outside the rack for sequencing.
2. Replace Skis with an Intellijel Quad VCA. Other options include Mutable Instruments Veils, Happy Nerding 3xVCA, Bubblesound VCA4p, Erica Black Quad VCA, etc. This gets you more VCAs plus mixing.
3. Replace the a143-9 with Mutable Instruments Peaks. This gets you 2 LFOs in the same amount of space, and it can also be envelope generators. As a bonus it can also do some drum sounds.
4. Replace the Pico VCO with a Klavis Twin Waves. This gives you 2 powerful digital VCOs.

If you followed that advice, it would leave you with 9 or more hp to spare. Maybe get a filter in the extra space?

My other advice would be to post this at muffwiggler if you haven't already. It seems to be a much more active forum, so you'll probably get advice from people far more experienced than I.

first of all, thank you very much for the reply. That's some really good input!

My plans changed a bit and I have a slightly better overview. The SQ-1 Is definitely gonna be a part of the plan. Also you're idea of the Pamela is great and I was already thinking about it. So i might start with building the case and getting the power supply. Then get a Turing and Radio Fm module plus the SQ-1. From there I have to see what will fit the set up . I will check the suggestions you wrote down. I guess it's back to the drawing board, which is a good thing afterall :)

Gonna check muffwiggler aswell!

Thanks again!