Hello~ Can I ask you some questions about the Lora module of SX1278? ( the datasheet of SX1278 is given below: http://www.kynix.com/uploadfiles/pdf65976/SX1278IMLTRT.pdf )
I don’t know why the Lora module always failed to send. This is my sending function:
[code]uint8t SpiInOut( uint8t outData )
        uint8t lmGETdata;

        HALSPITransmitReceive(&hspi1, &outData, &lmGETdata, 1, SPITIMEOUT);

        return lmGETdata;
}      [/code]
However, the DIO0 here cannot be set ! ! ! Please give me some feasible advice! Thanks a lot! ! !
[code]case RFLR
        if( DIO0 == 1 ) // TxDone
            // Clear Irq
            RFLRState = RFLRSTATETX_DONE;