Hello friends..
i'm starting to build my modular, it's a very deep world and i love it!
At the moment i have two elektron octatrack.. i think i can use they to sequence my modular synth for first weeks before upgrade to a modular sequencer..
Can someone recommend me a good quality midi to cv converter module?
if is possible dual channel operation.. 2 cv and 2 gate outs will be perfect
i'm scared about lag, bad pitch tracking..
Thanks a lot

I've just bought a CV.OCD box from tindie.... https://www.tindie.com/products/hotchk155/cvocd-a-super-flexible-midi-to-cv-box/
Could be just what you are looking for. And 0hp!!!!

A easy to use and overall good converter is the Pittsburgh Modular MIDI 2. You can get it for almost nothing from 2. hand now.

Befaco midithing is a good choice

Expert sleepers FH-2 is a beast. I use it with my Digitakt.