i just learned about control forge and REALLY dig it! it's my kind of "screw the perfect timing LFO & ADSR straightjacket & let me bend tones with CURVES & wobbles" module! it's VERY MUCH like the dream module i talked about in another thread except you can't use it to track a keyboard so you can play your "boings, whoops, & scratches", and it doesn't have a second envelope generating VCA so you can add even more complexity to a sound's amplitude over time, but i'm guessing you could do THAT with an expander module and the VCA of your choice tracking a voltage envelope.

i would trade 100 (too many unmarked functions in one box to be able to understand it) maths or rampages for 1 "let me draw my own modulations & sequence them, thank you" control forge. it's such an OBVIOUS concept! use digital's ability to make complex modulations analogue can't match, the same way wavetables run circles around "boring old sines, sawtooths, & squares"

i'm so impressed with the sound design possibilities of control forge, i yanked rossum's morpheus out of my imaginary "tone bender" rack, replaced it with an intellijel cv/logic/switcher mixer and created an entire "awesome rossum" rack

ModularGrid Rack

THAT's how you make analogue do dubstep wobbles! i would take complex pitch bends over "gag me with a spoon i'm soooooo sick of 303 filter sweeps" ANY DAY, but, sigh, i guess you can do those TOO with a control forge, not that i can figure out why anyone would want to. LOL

anyways, here's what it does... YOU decide how cool or not it would be making YOUR kinds of sounds

i can tell you this, if i made a demo for the module, i'd R2D2 the eff out of it, do some bass wobble, scratch over it... and go boing boing boing and figure out how to make it talk. yeah! so far, the ONLY synthesis i've ever done was playing with a softsynth i was able to use without a VST host that i had to manually trigger, one note at a time, making sound design a slow process, but over the course of two grueling days, slowly learning the basics using BASIC ADSRs, i was able to make it say "YO!" & "WOW!" with sawtooths or square waves... control forge can do that soooo much better, i'm sure, especially when you add a vocal sounding filter. granular steps? crossfade steps? WOBBLE steps?! WOW! i never imagined THOSE!

it would be about the ONLY sequencer i'd ever put in a rack too because you can REALLY slop up the timing with it instead of having to fit everything in those perfectly timed, soulless, perfectly quantized steps that make me despise most techno. when you can slide timing around, you can make beats that have some hop & skip to them. that's another reason i really relate to this module. it lets ME take control of timing and lag to a high hat or rush a kick riff 'till the cows come home. i couldn't do that, even with 256ppqn on my alesis HR16 because of that EVIL click track that made everything i played sound like kraftwerk. i hated being confined to patterns so much, i eventually wanted to smash my drum machine with a sledge hammer, and only got funky with it 4 tracking on a cassette... try editing that!

golly i wish i had a modular now! they're STARTING to get more interesting than sampling to me between this, wavetable & FM oscillators, & z-plane filters that go where analogue can't