Hey Everyone!

  So, I have 10 hp left in my current system........   What am I missing?

At first I was thinking about a Make noise Tempi..... Then I got the Performance buffered mults from Malekko....I really like being able to switch mults with the button on the fly.....

Then I was thinking about a 4ms rotating clock divider and some more mults or a malekko performance unity mixer...

Maybe it's time for a Disting? However, a Disting would give me too many ways to go....

Kind of want to keep it simple-ish..... The Tempi would be a complex module to sort out but I like how it has states to save and recall......

What would you add in 10 HP?

FYI, I do have a make noise 0-coast, Korg SQ-1, Moog Werkstatt, and an Arturia Keystep.



Some effects maybe? ... Reverbs/Delay ? ... Those Pico from Erica are pretty cool. or RT-60 from Qu-Bit.

- i don't dream

I have some outboard rackmount effects on my 12 channel mixer rack. It's a heavy unit and I don't want to move it around for live performance......It's funny because I haven't felt the need to use effects yet. I will someday, however I don't think I'll take my mixer rack to a live show. Maybe I'll run it all though my Korg KP3....that is probably what I'll do.
Maybe I'll have to buy a small four channel mixer for a live setup.....Just so I can get the levels right with the KP3 inputs.

My mind is still pushing me toward a clock divider......

Thanks for the input......I did forget about effects.....

I'm still not sure why I want a clock divider...... I guess I have mylarmelodies to thank for that!

pamela's new workout?

it's hard for me to answer. my priority is "as many tones as possible", so i'd be inclined to say wavetable oscillator, which is anti-moog, or maybe an intellijel polaris multimode filter.


Pamela huh?...... I like how it has eight outputs...... Lots of extra things besides triggers to use too....

Can you mute individual channels some how, like the Tempi does?

Obviously I can't stop after I fill the missing 10 HP. Building a case and/ or buying one will take a while..

So, to fill out the last 10 hp......... With what I have already......... maybe a quantizer and a VCO?

Can you mute individual channels some how, like the Tempi does?

i honestly don't know, but maybe you can at the preset level. i'm a noob to modular, so my understanding of clocks & dividers sucks, but the impression i got reading pam's description was that it can do everything a batumi AND quad clock can & more with its shuffle feature and presets, though maybe batumi & quad clock work better live where you can tweak their sliders.

i'd actually expect you to understand pamela better than me. i just wanted to give you a heads up on it as a powerful clocking possibility that won't hog rack space. try contacting the manufacturer. they'll have a much better answer to your question.

I do understand what pamela does... I just didn't dig deeper into finding out all about it..... I figured you had it or used it since you were suggesting it.

Anyway, BUT, YEAH....... Pamela would be a good choice..... I think I'll have to go out to my local store and play around with some modules....

I also think it's time to build my own stage case......

well NOTHING would beat going someplace where you could get hands on with gear and check it out, especially if there's a knowledgable staff.

personally, i'm REALLY into rossum's control forge. it's a rack hog & has a deep interface, but it works a lot like my mind does picturing tones and beats as curves and stretchy rubber bands. THAT utility makes more sense to me than every clock/divider, sequencer and CV modulator put together, but that's me.

i don't have ANYTHING for making music except a binaural dummy head i made with sure PZMs, a sony portable cassette deck & a TC electronics chorus, all in storage. realistically, i'd start out doing EVERYTHING in a DAW with as much freeware as i could cram in it, then add a tube preamp, a sampler (or software), a cheap monophic analogue... probably a mopho, a twangy telecaster and keep building from there, but the job market here SUCKS, and i have other priorities... like getting my stuff out of storage that have to come first.

i'm just studying modular out of boredom & to learn more than the basics of synthesis & music production i'm already familiar with.

i'm just studying modular out of boredom & to learn more than the basics of synthesis & music production i'm already familiar with.

as to DIY stage cases... check parts express out. they have cheap carpet, spray adhesive & all kinds of handles & corners etc. for building road worthy gear along with excellent customer service. i buy most of my DIY audio stuff from them and have never been burned on an order over an issue they didn't resolve.


 Sounds like you've got your finger on the pulse!  Yeah! keep up the good work.......  I'm old enough to think that I've been down a similar road as you have been.  

Loads of plugins.... Super software programs.......  And for me, personally, it was all too much.     It stifled my creativity.......  It took me, like 12 to 15 years to realize that I need less.....  I need limitations.

What I'm realizing is that I'm now going down the path that probably every modular guy goes through. The fact that I now need to thoroughly go through modules until I find the ones that work well in a case that I can take with me.

This is going to require not only trying out modules at the store, "if" I came make it over to the big city.... Also, making sure it works with my other modules. Probably Lots of time spent jamming and re-working modules........

 I guess at this point I should be grateful of all the used modules out there and the used module market..... Because I'll probably sell a few after I try them out. 

Why am I buying new modules? .......hmmmm...

Uhgg..... What did I get myself into?  

Once I get all the right modules to fit in a Flight carry on case... I should be set. All limitations intact. Perfectly free to explore the infinite in one little box.

That is my goal.

Thanks for helping me out with this stage of modular prowess!!!

 Be careful of my mistake..... Only buy new modules of the ones you know you're going to keep. buy used ones to try them out. (then sell them for the same price)


P.S. check out my video on you tube....

buying modules isn't an issue. i'm just scraping by in one of the country's bottom 10 worst economies and can't even afford a DAW to do everything in freeware for now.

as to modules, if i ever DID get expendable income, i have a very good idea what i want... lots and lots of different sounding VCOs & VCFs mostly under MIDI control with possibly a control forge & several expanders as THAT utility totally makes sense to me and is 80% close to the "dream module" i'd have a genie build for me. the demos for it suck, but i can totally hear it wobbling, boinging, ahhh whooping & scratching in my head drawing segment curves & adjusting their timing. i have less than zero interest in clock dividers, logic & sequencers and all that noodling stuff and would treat "my rack" mostly as a straight forward synthesizer i can swap & stack voices with and resynthesize audio with. i think that both control forge & envelope following human beat boxing would be the core of "my sound" outside of sampling, percussion & extra twangy light string "new wave/surf" telecaster riffs.

if there were any modules that i'd want to get rid of, they'd be filters that don't have as much flavor as expected with juicy, rubbery & vocal" being my 3 favorite sounds ahead of grungy & fat. i'd basically build an ARP 3000 with a lot more oscillators & filters to essentially cram a room full of hardwired monosynths into a rack.

yeah... i'm a total outsider here.

this is MY dream rack. noodlers would DESPISE IT. LOL
ModularGrid Rack

OK... i had to copy the edited rack and create a new URL for it to display right. for some reason, this website is psychotically OBSESSED with kicking synthesis technology's E350 morphing terrarium out of the rack for no reason every chance it gets and fights me putting it back in. this time it did it "after the fact" with what i thought was a "settled" layout update. i'd LOVE an excuse to kick the 303 filter out. i DESPISE 303 filter sweeps. from what i can tell, the extra juicy ARP, SEM & diode ladder filters and the fat rubbery jupiter 8 would be my favorites (not counting digital morpheus "radical" modulation effects). i tossed the macromachines omnimod in as an afterthought in case it offers something control forge doesn't, if only faster & simpler editing after juggling some modules and kicking an EMS filter out.

Just a Disting Mk4

I would go with an Make Noise - ModDemix and a Expert Sleepers - Disting MK4
Or a Intellijel Designs - Shifty and Disting MK4.

But if I had only 2 HP more space I would go for a
Tip Top - Folding processor
or a Doepfer A-110-6 (Trapezoid Tthru Zero quadrature VCO)

just my 2 cents (or was it 5 cents ? ) ...

A micro Ornaments & Crime would be nice here or a Temps Utile... especially for its Euclidean Rhythms and internal logic.

A Noise Engineering Mimetic Digitalis would fit in that space. It's a great little sequencer, especially for CV of filter cut-offs.

Did you consider the Shakmat Modular - Time Wizard (8 HP)? That's a clock divider module, seems to be a handy module and you still have 2 HP left ;-)