If you want to combine modules with the mother 32 it should be possible to power other modules with the mothers psu (because it provides a lot more power than the mother actually uses).

  • Make Noise Rene, pressure points, 0-coast, tempi
  • Delptronics trigger man

Anything else?

ModularGrid Rack

Ps: looks like the image of the rack does not update

Our Midi-Thru

Also I think the Synthrotek ADSR

And probably their Random module too

Cool. I added the above modules to the rack.
Would be nice to have another oscillator with only 12v.
Are there any other modules?

I think this setup would not be that useles as it looked at first sight. The triggerman cannwork as a clock divider. Rene and pressure points would be perfect for playing the 0-coast. The Adar and random modules are also useful.