So I recently sold my volca FM, but I've been feeling a bit regretful because I miss the sound making capabilities of its FM and additive synthesising format.
So I wondered whether it would be possible to make an FM modular as my first modular. This is probably very strange and maybe stupid-sounding to most of you, but I just find the FM style appealing.

Also I was hoping perhaps to use any modular equipment (at least to start) as either an ambient sound bay that i could use alongside other synths/samplers, a source of modulation for another synth (right now I'm thinking the microbrute), or perhaps as a strong monophonic synth in its own right.

So I made a mock up of a potential FM modular - tell me what you think!


ModularGrid Rack

Akemie's Castle is in my opinion is the king of FM. I like the whats going on but not sure how your using the DSP.