longtime lurker, now i want to get real ;)

since i have room for it i'll start with an 9U 126HP Synthrack Case to not have to think about space for a long time and dont get that "i want to fill that hole" itch, i just want to focus on exploring the modules and make music.

i'm researching since a few weeks where i should start, here is my draft of Stage 1:
ModularGrid Rack

my main workflow atm is around cubase and i like to sequence my standalone boxes (minitaur, dx200, xoxbox) with midi out of an NI maschine vst which runs in cubase, so i have a nice controller on my desk which i can play live ;)

with yarns, the modular should connect to my momentary workflow.

since i can do a lot of the standard substractive sounds good enough with serum on my computer, i want to focus on more experimental stuff and things i cant do with cubase+vst synths.

to the main questions:
- is this a good starter rig?
- have i thought of everything? (enough attenuators, vca's, something else?)

to forecast some direction:
if i have explored the rubicon/dixie combo well enough and have spent my time discovering what i can do with the rampage i think about exploring rene, rings and sisters in Stage 2 as well as adding a nice random source and a quantizer:
ModularGrid Rack

somewhere down the line i really want a morphagene but i dont want to have it sitting alone and doing nothing, it needs friends to play with first =)

PS: if you click on my name you can see a totally crazy "stage3" that i wont be able to afford in forever and will change for sure before i will get to it. just if you are curious in which direction my personal interests have taken the researching-trip so far. maybe you have nice ideas and inspirations for me to research? you know crazy modules that i maybe havent thought about? please tell me ;D

what do u think, do i have enough envelope generators? that rampage makes only two i suppose? should i get an Quadra/PEG into the mix?

You'll get more answers @ muffwiggler forums