Hey Modulargriders, I've been conceptulizing a hip hop (or trip hop) oriented beat making machine. It's designed to emulate an MPC, drum machine and scratchable turntable with added effects. Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? Questions?
Listed below are additional modules, mounted in an additional case, which I believe will complete the system:
PulpLogic 1U 2180
Syinsi CV Touch
Syinsi MIDI Clock
PulpLogic 1U B-Mult
MengQiMusic Please Exist Tile (Girl)
Tiptop Audio Circadian Rhythms
Make Noise Rosie

my thoughts on emulating things complicated on an modular that would be easy if not emulated: dont emulate and just use the tools that are the best for their respective task. (just my 2 cents)

so expanding the possibilities of an mpc based workflow around an mpc + turntable with modules that do things that an mpc + turntable cant is an better idea, just use the tools for what they are made. bashing with a ruler on a nail works not as good as using a hammer.

the big strong side of modular synths are CV modulation. if you cant think of a single case where having CV modulation available between all modules is a REAL benefit, you probably wont need cv modulation and thus, no modular ;D

if i were you i would go with an dedicated mpc style sampler box you can have on the table and jam around with it (=workflow!!!) AAAAND if you really really really want it make just an modulations/efx rack where you can mangle up the grooves you made with your mpc. i would use two tools for its each designed purpose. using the mpc just as an soundsource for the modular so it can focus on providing modulations where you have all your efx controlled with all those lfo's and other cv sources, you would have the best of both worlds.

things like expert sleepers make nice little modules so you can sync up your mpc with your modular so everything stays in the same bpm and even make it possible to control your modular with your mpc with midi out AND BACK. (sequencing that nice drum module out of your mpc? no problem. using an modular lfo inside your mpc? no problem.)

addition: i dont make hiphop but i also have a similar setup where i have an NI maschine as an VST inside cubase and i sequence 3 external synths with it while also using it as a groovebox and export its audio as a 7-track multitrack. (group 8 is already in use as my sqeuencing group for all external gear)

for me: combining the worlds is where the magic emerges. limiting yourself can also very inspiring but i am a "i want the best tool for the job" guy so i very much love combining a lot of worlds and dimensions to a nice new monster ;)

Thank you racooniac, I appreciate your feedback. I'll have to look more into the functionality of MPC's.

I totally agree on using the best tools for the job and that I am also limiting myself but I feel I should explain more in-depth of what this rack is. This rack was designed with three goals in mind: portability, playability and minimal computer interaction. The main idea behind this rack is using audio as the oscillator and everything else is used to modulate, transform, time stretch. sequence and organize that audio in real time. A live hip hop modular dj system so to speak. I could just use a computer, MPC, drum machine, turntable but what I really like about modular is the unpredictability and being able to modulate everything, even the clock.

Although, I am considering triggering the Bitbox with an AKAI MPD218.