Was wondering if any kind souls could spare a few thoughts/suggestions regarding the below as I'm a total noob as far as modular goes. I've had a mother 32 for about a week with not much chance to play yet and naturally it's making me want to learn more. So I've watched some vids, read a few guides and been on most of the big manufacturer websites and with my limited knowledge came up with this:

ModularGrid Rack

Do these modules relate to each other reasonably? If so, what should I do with the remaining space?

I was thinking it would be nice to have some connectivity with MIDI and to my DAW and was hoping for some recommended modules that would do the job as it would be nice to fill the rack.

Perhaps there are glaring errors in the design or I have chosen modules poorly. Some direction would be gratefully received.

Thanks for listening!

Random Voltage
Sample and Hold

Thank-you kindly. I'll start looking them up.

Like you, I'm in the planning stage so can't be of help, but I see Erica VCO and VCF caught your ear! Looks like a great selection.

Thanks Tom. Good luck with the planning!

I think it is a really nice starting system, with not much to really miss. No errors.
Play with it, and you will see yourself what you are missing.
I don't know how you will play the thing, but I guess you either have cv-keyboard or you play it from math/batumi. If the second is true I personally would miss some triggers. I think Brain Seed would be a good companion for you setup with maths.

I've had a mother 32 for about a week with not much chance to play yet

Spend more time with the mother, naturally you will hit limitations like not enough vca's or mixers or attenuators etc...
just buy what you are missing and let your rig evolve on its own module for module is usually the best advice anyone can give you, just listen to your rack it will tell you what it needs.

I don't know how you will play the thing

his mother32 has everything on board
but research the mothers quirks to not get suprised by buggy behaviour. it has some weird things going on like no proper grounding and other quirks that are nice to know beforehand so you dont run into trouble.

I've had a mother 32 for about a week with not much chance to play yet

I see. I didn't read carefully enough - thought he didn't have the mother anymore

Thanks so much for all the input. Some great advice. I agree that spending more time with the mother will help me get a better understanding. Hoping to make some time available soon and will definitely check out the brain seed and other potential triggers.

It's good to know that my thought processes regarding potential builds are reasonably sound. Uluckily for me I have no one to talk these things out with irl

I would imagine I'll work towards something like this next year perhaps and probably look to add some midi/DAW connectivity modules. For now though I can't wait to get stuck into the mother 32. SQ-1 is on the way too!!!! excitment builds.

Thanks again!!!