I really like some of the things I hear from Mutable Instruments. I have Clouds and am thinking of picking up Elements or Braids. Are these modules true analog? Sorry if this is a dumb question. Relatively new to this.

Hello Andy,
Neither Clouds nor Elements and Braids are fully analog. They depend on microprocessors - only the input/output and cv modulation stages are analog naturally.
To make a fully analog version of Braids the module would fill up the space of .... I don't know - something really really huge.
Mutable Ripples is a filter and it is for instance fully analog.

Thank you! Does this make them unappealing? Because they are digital? I like some of the patches I have heard from them. Kind of my style. I currently have a Mother 32, 0-Coast, Maths and Clouds and I am looking to expand. I'm going to purchase an Intellijel 104 hp x 2 rows with a 1u row case. I was considering Elements and Metropolis vs Rene sequencer. Any suggestions?

I don't know what you mean exactly... if you say you like some sounds from them then it is appealing to you, right.
If it sounds right, it is right. That is all that counts.
Can't help with the sequencer tho.