Hi all, first post here.

I am trying to put together a duophonic modular based on Doepfer. I know synthesizers pretty well (have owned a MS20 and a MonoPoly in the past), but this would actually be my first modular. I live in Europe, and so Doepfer is the brand that seems most economical to base the build on. I will use this mostly for non-percussion/non-rhythm/non-sequenced parts, in other words mostly pads and drones and stuff like that.

* Does this look reasonable? Are there modules in there that are known to be inferior to other brands etc?
* I want to have velocity sensitivity applied to amplitude and VCF cutoff. Do I have enough VCAs for that, and/or missing anything else?
* Anything missing that I absolutely should include? Anything over the top that I could live without?
* Will I be able to get a vintage/non-sterile sound from these VCOs, or are there others I should go for?

The rack is here!

Thanks! /lesuedois

Doepfer make some great modules for sure, I currently have a A-132-3 dual linear/logarithmic VCA and the A-110-4 quadrature thru zero VCO. Your setup looks all good to go. I wouldn't bother with the A-132-4, I would swap it for the A-185-2.

Thanks rackmode. I'll look into the A-185-2.

Btw - I listened to some youtube examples of the A-137-1 (wave multiplier) and I don't think that's what I want. So I made a new version which drops those & the Erica Pico's, and then adds more Doepfer noise, S/H and random modules instead.

How many VCAs would it be reasonable to have in a duophonic system where each voice is at most made up of three sources (2 VCOs and noise), and when one wants velocity sensitivity? I noted that the A-147-2 LFO has a VCA that can be used standalone as well.

And - am I low on multiples in the new version? (I have two A-180-2 at the moment.)

FYI - I did some updates: the third prototype is here.

Dropped one of the three LFOs and one of the two A-118 Randoms, which gave space for a dual quantizer and a logic module.

As you can tell, the two voices (two bottom rows) are identical up until and including the VCFs.

If anyone sees any omissions or has any other comments (like if I've included Doepfer modules known to not be particularly good) I'd be deeply grateful.