! [My Rack] (ModularGrid Rack)

Hi there,

I am completely new to this kind of music/sound making/design. It is really daunting to choose between the tons of modules out there. I would like to create generative music, ambient patches, down tempo, etc. but also being able to integrate this in my normal recording workflow with Ableton. So normal voice, guitars, etc.... After listening to a lot of youtube and what modules they were using to make it, I came to the rack above. I also ordered an arturia beatstep pro for the sequencing. I still have in my studio a machine mk1, MPK225, APC-40,etc..; and newly acquired a book on Midi (Midi Power! by Robert Guèrin) because I still don't know too much how it all interfaces with each other. For instance, how can I bring a microphone in the modular? I mean, I want to talk or sing in the microphone and do stuff with it....what module allows me to do it?
What are your opinions on my decision for the starting modules? Taking into account what I am trying to achieve.
All comments and suggestions are more than welcome and I am looking forward to meeting this community in cyberspace or IRL.
Kind regards,
Kristof aka Snuckyfication

as a companion for the beatstep maybe take a look on the yarns. it could utilize 1-4 of the beatsteps sequencers instead of just 1.

also the saying goes "you can never have enough vca's" and thats true ;o) you will need an vca for EVERY single parameter you want to control the depth of, so one can generally not have enough. mixers are just vca's without control voltage.

also look into attenuverters like triatt, 3xmia, spo etc. and think about where you could use one.

Thanks for the reaction Racooniac! I indeed had a look for the Yarns, mainly because it lets you record small sequences. Due to budget I went for the A-190-2 midi to cv. I am not quite sure I understood your sentence about being able to use only one of the beatsetps sequencers without Yarns. Isn't it so that for the drums seq I have 8 gates that i can stick in whatever drum modules? Like in my case the peaks and pico drums? And then use the other gate and pitch outputs from the other sequencers to go to an oscillator without even using the midi to cv module?
I will have to try it out. The last modules are arriving today together with my new creation desk!
So I hope I can start soldering the radio music and turing machine this weekend and move everything in the new studio. Cheers again for the tips!

ah i was just stupid only thinking in midi xD
of course you can utilize every beatstep sequencer simultaneously over cv in your rack =)

before i typed the last post i was thinking in anticipation about how i will be soon able to sequence 4 things with my digitakt over MIDI. xD so here the mixup in my brain xD

i plan to also get into soldering (finally xD) with eurorack, do you maybe have some inspirations of first modules to solder if you dont have much soldering skills already? xD

i thought maybe i can do a https://www.thonk.co.uk/shop/transient-modules-2m-mixer-full-diy-kit/ or a https://www.thonk.co.uk/shop/zlob-dualvca-kit/ or a https://www.thonk.co.uk/shop/meng-qi-dplpg-full-diy-kit/ xD