So I've been reading up on modulars and how to start a system and so far I'm pretty set on these modules. I literally barely know anything at this point so if I'm wrong about anything or overlooking something please enlighten me! I'm here to learn. My question is though; would this be a good place to start my journey into modular and are there any modules that I should consider besides the ones I've chosen that might work better for what I need (or be cheaper? lol)

Basically I want something that can get those nice sounding "traditional" modular sounds as well as more natural "physical" sounding ones. And I guess whatever's in between... And then use my OP-1 to sequence it. Does anyone here have experience sequencing a modular with an OP-1? Are there any modules that would be compatible for that or do I need an external box from Kenton or the like?

alt text

My thought process on these modules was:
- Lifeforms SV-1 covers most of the basics, has an arpeggiator, etc. Would be a good workhorse.
- Elements has nice natural and percussive sounds and a resonator to boot (I'm a sucker for really resonant chime and bell-like sounds)
- Doepfer A-118 cause I love random everything. Is this a good module for random parameter changes and gate and stuff? Are there better ones?

And there's a bit of space leftover for a midi module or something. Any suggestions? Other modules that might pair well? Is there anything the SV-1 lacks that I should fill the space with? Please advise!

Thanks for any help! It's greatly appreciated!

PS if anyone is selling a Lifeforms SV-1 and can ship to the West Coast of Canada please let me know!

as a noob myself i dont know much about those two full-voice-modules since i am more interested in building a full voice myself out of smaller modules but i can give you two tipps:

  • do you want to modulate something? if yes you'll need an mod source like lfo/eg and an vca.
  • wogglebug and ultra random analog are very popular random sources afaik. have you already looked at them?

Have just the same question!