Hi folks,

first off: yeah i don't got any VCA - that bothers me a lot because i am searching for a small multi VCA wich can function as a mixer for my 3 main sound sources. i started the rack with the thought to control it per octatrack (yarns) and with my Analog 4. But now i want to use it as a standalone rack too. thats why i added the LFOs and Sequencers.
It seems to come out pretty.... droney? what u think?

do you already know that yarns can do sequencing?
you could get an happy nerding 3xVCA instead of those two seq's.
if you want to spend rackspace for multis get buffered ones, for passive multiplication just use stackcables or passive inline mults like those: http://www.upbeat.ch/shop/media/images/org/mult-patched.jpg

another tipp: get a bigger case than you think you'll need.

Hi thanks for The reply, im going to get a bigger case ;D i have to look up how to use The yarns sequencer, its Even hard for me to use it with octatrack didnt really work the way i wanted (lfos and arpeggios via the midi tracks) and i wanted to use one pico seq to control the morpheus filter. I find Informations / tutorials about yarns are hard to find

Hi dennis,
if you didn't find already, there is some information on the Mutable site itself, a Quickstart Guide and also a review video:

thanks i spent some time now getting into the sequencer of yarns. but its really difficult, i think ill just use its function to midi - cv for my octatrack (if i ever manage to wrap my head around that) i believe the pico seq would suit me more (for the rnd function and no menu diving)

Hi Guys,

is it possible to use the pulse out from Shapeshifter to trigger Plonk? i want to use 4ms SMR to pitch Shapeshifter and Shapeshifter triggering Plonk. How do you guys feel about that would it work out?

cheers Dennis